Viral Video: Needless to say, Vidai ceremony (farewell) of a bride after her wedding is the most difficult and emotional moment for her family. As the bride leaves her home with her husband, her relatives and friends give her a teary eyed farewell. One such vidai video is going viral on social media and instead of making you sad, it will make you laugh.
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In the video, father, uncle and brother of the bride are bidding farewell to her on the border of the village. Before leaving, the weeping bride hugs her father and is then seen going along with her husband. However, the emotional bride looks back and returns after a few steps to hug her father again. When the girl comes back again and again, her father gets angry and takes off his chappal to give her a thrashing. Only then does she proceed with her husband on the way to the in-laws’ house.

IPS Rupin Sharma shared the video on Twitter with a funny caption, correlating it with the Covid situation.

Watch the video here: 

The video has gone viral, making people laugh, and many tweeted laughter emojis in the comments section.

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