Viral Video: When you think of a snake, the first word that comes to mind is fear! However, there are also many people who have overcome this fear and one of them is a girl called Shweta. In a video that went viral on Instagram, Shweta is seen playing with a king cobra and performing tricks without any fear. Dressed in a black top and ripped jeans, she holds the cobra in her hand with the help of a stick and juggles it, like a pro! Also Read - Viral Video: Sleepy Cat Plays With Snake Thinking It's a Rope, What Happened Next | Watch

In her Instagram bio, she describes herself as a snake lover and her hobby of catching snakes has made her quite popular on Instagram. Have a look at the video:

A cursory look at her Instagram profile reveals that she is an expert in catching snakes and has posted several videos and pictures of her in which she is seen catching snakes or showing tricks with them. People on social media are stunned to see her courage and asked her if she is not afraid of snakes. All her post receive a lot of likes, reactions and comments.

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