Viral Video: Four youths have been arrested after they shot a video inside Awadhpuri outpost of Jagdishpura police station in Agra. The video which has gone viral on social media shows 3 boys singing songs and grooving to it with swag. The fourth one is sitting on the chair of the inspector and keeping his feet on the table.Also Read - Viral Video: Bride Pulls Off Naughty Prank, Pushes Groom & Photographer Into Water During Wedding Photoshoot | Watch

After the video surfaced online, the officers directed the police station to take action. Meanwhile questions were raised as to why was the police station empty and how did the boys gain entry to the station.

Watch the video here:

Outpost in-charge Yogendra Kumar said that the video was probably made on the day when he had gone out for a meeting. He speculated that the youths must have come to the station for some work, but seeing the post empty, they got an opportunity to make a video. The youths have been identified and the police will now interrogate them.

After their arrest, Agra Police said that legal action will also be taken against the policeman posted on surveillance duty at the outpost.

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