New Delhi: FACEPALM! An old video clip of a teacher conducting an online multiple-choice questions (MCQ) session has gone viral once again. In the video, a GradeUp teacher can be seen taking a GK quiz where he explains to his students the importance of ‘Gamocha’. But in doing so, he calls Gomacha “an animal”.Also Read - Planning a Trip To Maldives? How To Travel Maldives On A Budget And Covid-19 Travel Guidelines

For the unversed, Gamocha (pronounced Gamosa or Gamusa) is a red and white rectangular piece of woven cloth, often gifted as a gesture of respect and appreciation. It is one of the most recognisable cultural symbols of Assam and the pattern is widely seen in sarees, traditional outfits and furnishing products. Also Read - Viral Video: Little Girl Climbs Wall Like Spider Man, Amazing Talent Baffles The Internet | Watch

However, the teacher in the video seemed confident to prove to his students that Gamocha is indeed an animal. As a result, it turned into a meme fest and was widely circulated on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms. Also Read - Assam Girl in Shorts Forced to Wrap Curtain Over Legs to Write Entrance Exam, Calls It 'Most Humiliating Experience'

Watch the Viral Video:

The video is one or two years old and was first published on YouTube with the title ‘SSC JE 2020 Marathon Class’. Many people on the internet criticized the teacher as well as GradeUp, which is an online exam preparation agency, for misleading students by sharing incorrect facts and teaching a wrong concept about the prestigious tradition of Assam.

GradeUp later replied to the video apologising for the blunder. “We sincerely apologise for this. In an old Youtube video, a faculty made a factual error while addressing the class. The faculty is no longer working with us. We ensure that Gradeup as an organisation works to provide the best exam preparation for each student to excel,” they said.