Viral Video: Some people are extremely creative and talented. One such talented girl is going viral on social media, who managed to design a beautiful dress for herself with her brown and long hair.Also Read - This Salon Owner in Bihar's Darbhanga is Offering Free Haircut to Vaccinated People

The video has been shared on an account named hepgul5. In the video, she is seen wearing a hat and sunglasses, with her hair doubling as a dress. She has used a broad, black belt to keep the hair in place, to make it seem like a dress.

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This girl’s hair is so long and thick that she wraps it around her body like a hair dress. Her front part is covered with hair in such a way that it looks no less than a short dress. The video is going and has amassed more than 4000 likes and several comments.

Many users said this video might be edited. Some others said that her hair might not be real or she might have used hair extensions.

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