New Delhi:As the deadly coronavirus knocked on our doors in 2020, ‘working from home’ became the most rational option for organisations across the globe. Though we were uneasy in the beginning, we slowly adapted to the new normal and made our beds and couches our new office space! Almost a year later, we have gotten quite comfortable with the new work culture, and for a lot of us the new mode seems more convenient than ever. However, now that the lockdown restrictions have been lifted and workplaces are resuming, the fear of going back to offices and leaving the cozy bed behind is scary, to say the least. Recently, Harjas Sethi voiced all our fears and concerns of going back to office in an epic rant, which has gone viral on social media. She begins by saying how she recently got a ‘return from work’ mail which terrified her completely. Also Read - Which Work From Home Style Best Describes You? Pick Your Scenarios From Google's Trending Post

”Kaafi ek dil dehla dene wali ghanta hui hai mere saath. Abhi teen din pehle office se ek mail aaya with the subject line ‘Return to work’…toh kya matlab hua iska? Matlab ab razai se nikal kar, naha kar taiyaar ho kar office jana padega aur logon ki shaklein dekhni padengi?” she says.

Watch the viral video here:

“Abhi abhi toh mere dark circles gaye hain, meri zindagi mein raunakein aayi thi aur ab meri tanning gayi hai toh tum aisa kar rahe ho (I just got rid of my black circles, got my life back on track and rid of my tanning, and now you are doing this),” she adds.

Taking a dig at people who are dying to go back to office, she says,”Bevakoof kisi aur ko banana, ye potty seat pe beth ke tum jo Zoom meetings attend karte ho na, ye hume bhi pata hai (Don’t fool us, we know you attend Zoom meeting while sitting on the toilet seat).”

The video has left netizens in splits, with many saying how they totally relate to the situation. Many opined how WFH is actually more logical.

One user quipped, ”Why should an employee spend 2 hours in commuting if same work can be done from home ? All the IT companies have seen increase in profits since the pandemic. 2 hours break, 2 hours commute, 10 min system/IDE startup, useless gossips etc are burdens.”

What do you feel about the offices’ reopening?