Viral Video: Whether people admit it or not, everyone wants to get pampered and feel special on their birthdays. Women, especially make a bigger deal out of their birthdays than guys, because they want to feel loved and appreciated. However, many a times, women get disappointed by not having expectations met by their significant others as they fail to make their birthdays ‘special’ in true sense of the word. Gone are the days when a cliched birthday cake and dinner used to make women happy. Women now want their boyfriends and husbands to go out of their way and make the day memorable by doing something different.Also Read - Viral Video: Lucknow Woman Slaps Auto Driver, Beats Him With Slippers During Argument Over Fare | Watch

One such funny rant has gone viral on Twitter, in which an upset girl tries to make her boyfriend understand that he needs to do something special on her birthday other than just bringing a cake. She explains that she plans his birthday every year and decorates the house beautifully, but he does nothing extraordinary to impress her. However, he fails miserably to understand her expectations and asks her what should he do to make her happy.

”Mere ko ghumna nahi hai, mere ko kuch special karna hai. Ab wo bhi mai bataungi ki special kya karna hai,” she says with a smile. ”Agar tune kuch plan nahi kiya hoga iss baar, to mai cate nahi kaatungi. Cake sacchi tere muh pe maar dungi,” she says angrily in the end. A user @ximpatientwolf shared the video and wrote, ”Girls are simple, boys make it complex. Meanwhile girls”

Watch the hilarious video here:

Needless to say, the video has gone viral and people are finding this conversation too relatable, especially women. While women totally understood and empathized with what the girl was trying to convey, men were still clueless.

One user wrote, ”TBH this girl is me! iske expectation Bilkul match kar rahe mere expectations se “KUCH TOH SPECIAL KARO NAA YRR ”  Khana khilana ghumana is not special.”

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