New Delhi: The Internet is filled with numerous videos which capture the sweetest moments spent by couples during their wedding ceremonies. One such video that is going viral now on social media is that of a groom signing up his lifetime to-do list that he will do for his bride. The video went viral after it was shared by the Wedding Sutra team on its Instagram page with the caption, “This groom officially signing up for his lifelong to-do’s for the bride is the sweetest thing you’ll see today!” However, it was originally shared by a wedding photographer’s Instagram page named “happyframes” who posted it and tagged the couple saying, “officially signing up for his lifetime to-do’s” and added that it “is one of the boldest thing we have come across.”Also Read - Viral Video: Newly-Wed Couple's Friends Pull Hilarious Prank on Them During Wedding Reception | WATCH

The video begins with the song “Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta” playing in the background as the bridesmaids can be seen holding a big card-shaped chart written “Wedding Contract” above it and a list of to-do items below. The next scene shows the groom and bride laughing as they see the to-do list card and the groom happily asks for a pen to sign on it. The to-do list had stuff written like that the groom will accept that his wife is always right, he will take his wife abroad 2-3 times a year and also that he will buy her whatever she wants and whenever she wants. Also Read - Viral Video: These Adorable Kids Enjoying the Rain While Returning from School Will Definitely Remind You of Your Childhood Days | WATCH

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The video has received massive love from social media users as the couple has managed to add an effect to their wedding that is something unique and brought joy and excitement to them as well as their wedding guests. So far the video has like by over 9K people and people have posted lots of comments on it. One user even wrote, “I’m so making one with lots of terms revolving around iced coffee and driving”.