Viral Video: Needless to say, an Indian wedding is incomplete without a crazy dance session. A perfect opportunity to let loose, baaratis especially the groom’s friends, are often seen dancing excitedly, matching the beats and energy of dhol and band wale. And of course Naagin dance is a must at every Indian wedding! In one such video going viral, the groom’s friend is seen doing Naagin dance on the wedding stage instead of on the road.Also Read - Viral Video: Bride and Groom Left Jaw-Dropped After This Shocking Thing Happens at Their Wedding | Watch

In this video, the bride and groom are seen sitting on the stage, while his friend suddenly breaks into Naagin dance in front of the couple. Seeing his energy and spirit, the groom also joins him and gestures with his hand. Meanwhile, the bride seems thoroughly amused by the dance and is seen smiling.

Watch the video here:

While dancing, his friend also starts forcing the groom to dance. Initially, the groom shows off his dance moves while sitting, but when the friend signals him to get up and dance, he refuses. More than 11 thousand people have seen the naagin dance video and pouring the comments section with a lot of emojis.

Ever did naagin dance at a wedding?