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Viral Video: Hungry Cat Tries to Attack Pigeon, But Changes Its Mind | Watch What Happened

A video has gone viral showing a cat about to attack a pigeon. However, when the cat realises that it is blind, it changes its mind.

Updated: May 27, 2022 2:04 PM IST

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Hungry Cat Tries to Attack Pigeon, But Changes Its Mind
Hungry Cat Tries to Attack Pigeon, But Changes Its Mind

Viral Video: Do animals feel empathy and compassion? The answer is yes. Many researches have concluded that the ability to identify and respond to others’ feelings is not just limited to humans. Animals too can perceive and understand a wide range of emotions and a viral video proves the same. Recently, IAS officer Awanish Saran, shared a video wherein a hungry cat lets go of a pigeon, when it realises that the bird is blind.

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The video shows the sneaky cat slowly advancing towards a pigeon with the intention of making the bird its prey. However, when the bird doesn’t move, the cat realises that it is blind. Displaying compassion, the feline slowly retreats and doesn’t attack the bird.  “The cat wants to attack the pigeon. The pigeon is blind. The moment the cat realises it, she changes her mind,” the video caption reads.

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Watch the video here:

The video has touched the hearts of social media users and many praised the cat for displaying such kindness. Many commented that human beings have a lot to learn from animals. One user wrote, ”This is a good example of mercy .. even the animals don’t attack if they know if it is helpless, weak or physically challenged..we humans have to learn a lot from animals.” Another wrote, ”Even animals have principles, human have lot to learn from them!’ A third commented, ”Animals have amazing ethics and rule for war/fight. In general, They won’t attack you when they find you being calm or unable to fight!!”

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