Apart from cute video of kids antics on the Internet, if there is anything equally competitive to act as our stressbusters – it has to be videos of grandparents dancing, cooking or simply interacting with their grandchildren. With millennials spending more quality time with their grandparents amid the lockdown, a flood of their videos have emerged this quarantine and one such is of a 91-year-old grandfather making Dalgona coffee for the first time.Also Read - Complete lockdown In Tamil Nadu today; Check List Of Things Allowed

The onset of the global quarantine two months back had pushed netizens into their kitchens to try latest delicacies and one of them was the Internet’s favourite beverage – the dalgona coffee. In a video that is currently trending viral across social media platforms, a 91-year-old grandpa is seen being assisted by his grandchildren as he tries a hand in making the beverage. His million-dollar smile throughout the video and his excitement as the coffee changes colour on being beaten, will immediately make you miss your own grandparents. Also Read - Hong Kong Airport Bans Transit Travellers From 153 Countries, Including India Amid Rising COVID Cases

Following the instructions that are being given by the grandchildren, the grandpa can be seen helped by one of them as he tires from beating the coffee but once again takes the reins on being hyped up. The subtitles in the video are equally hilarious. Once the coffee has been beaten enough, grandpa scoops it into a glass of milk as instructed. Also Read - Viral Video: Hungry Bride Enjoys Eating Chinese Food Before Wedding, People Call it Relatable | Watch

He is about to taste it when it looks perfect for the gram but is instantly stopped by the grandchildren who suggest that he should stir it completely. He takes his first sip of the most hyped drink on the Internet and his reaction is priceless. Making his grandchildren and the viewers wait on the edge while he allows the taste to linger in his mouth, the grandpa finally confesses, “Actually, there’s not much taste” and breaks into a heartwarming laughter.

If this is not the most adorable video on the Internet today, we wonder what else is! (sigh)