The video has been shot at the entrance of Hotel Dewland in Kerala’s Kochi. However, there is no confirmation if the people in the video are actually cops or actors. The video has received mixed reactions, with some loving the fun side of the police, whereas some others weren’t impressed with the cops dressing in their uniforms. One person informed that the lady and two men with red belts, shoes would be IPS officers, whereas some said they are actors as dancing in uniform

Another commented on the video and wrote, ”Fun and frolic is when not on  duty.. making a mockery of uniform and appointment.. Going with the trend and making reels.. that’s no fun..” A third user wrote, ”Police are human too, and they are not doing any illegal activity in uniform. When people expect them to be human while interacting with public, why should public be irred of lighter moments of police. If they are happy, public are more safe and happy too.”

The viral trend started when a peanut seller named Bhuban Badyakar from West Bengal became an overnight internet sensation after he composed a super catchy jingle to sell his peanuts. Later, musician Nazmu Reachat created a remix of the song, which set Instagram ablaze and made actors and influencers dance to its peppy beats.