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Viral Video: Lions Fight Crocodiles in River As Their Day Hunt Turns Intense. Watch

Magarmach Aur Sher Ki Ladai: In this video, lionesses were seen hunting a crocodile for their pride during the day along with a lion.

Updated: March 25, 2022 2:57 PM IST

By Trending Desk | Edited by Kritika Bansal

Magarmach Aur Sher Ki Ladai
Magarmach Aur Sher Ki Ladai

Magarmach Aur Sher Ki Ladai: Lions do most of their hunting at night as this gives them a huge advantage over their prey. When hunting, lionesses have specific roles. Some play the role of ‘centre’ and others the role of ‘wing’ – the wings chase the prey towards the centres. Their prey includes antelopes, buffaloes, zebras, young elephants, rhinos, hippos, wild hogs, crocodiles and giraffes.

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In this video, lionesses can be seen hunting for their pride during the day along with a lion. The video was uploaded on Instagram by the page ‘wild_animal_shorts_’ a few days ago. It has gone viral with over 1.27 lakh views.

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The video shows a lioness trying to hunt a crocodile in shallow water as a lion watches her from the river bank. However, the lioness is facing a big group of crocodiles that are aggressively defending themselves against the lions. The lioness could be engaged in an intense fight with a crocodile that could be seen attacking her with its teeth.

Watch the viral video below:

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