Viral Video: Children learn by observing adults and are often found imitating their actions. One such adorable moment has been caught on camera showing a little girl crashing a fashion show and imitating a model. The video which is going viral, shows the toddler’s adorable catwalk as she impresses all with her cuteness and confidence.Also Read - Ranu Mondal Joins The Viral 'Bachpan Ka Pyaar' Trend, Sings The Song in Her Soulful Voice | Watch

In the video, the girl dressed in a pink costume, starts walking confidently on the runway as people smile and clap for her. After a while, she also stops to give a pose and show off her dress just like a professional model. The video of the little girl’s walk was shared on Instagram by her elder sister Kristen Weaver who couldn’t believe that the video went viral.

Sharing the video, she wrote, ”So, fun fact: this is my video from TikTok that blew up and went viral. Lots of people are sharing it, so if you see it without credit to me just tag me pls 🙂 I’m like the last one to share to IG reels so of course I’m the last one to catch the views lol 🙈 For story time: it’s currently around 18m views on TikTok and I never expected it to blow up but Abrianna is an angel and I’m glad she’s making everyone so happy! She is World’s Perfect Toddler 2021!

Watch the video here:

Needless to say, the video is making people smile and people are pouring love for the cute girl in the comments section.

One user wrote, ”She’s so cuteeee!!! 💘🤩 and the star of the whole showww,” while another commented, ”Who taught her all that SASS⁉️” A third commented, ”OMG! What a little STAR!”

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