Viral Video: A video of a man’s reaction after he asked the hairdresser to style his hair like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is going incessantly viral on social media. The video clip that was shared on Reddit has left netizens literally ROFL-ing after they saw the man himself couldn’t stop laughing looking at himself in the mirror after getting the unique haircut. The viral video clip was shared with the caption “Kim Jong Un style haircut”. The clip was originally shared on TikTok and is receiving hilarious reactions online.Also Read - North Korea Test-fires New Long-range Cruise Missiles With Possible Nuclear Capability: Report

In the 15-second video clip, we can see the man sitting on a chair and laughing out loud after seeing his new hairstyle resembling the North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un. And, beside him we can see the barber standing, trying hard to contain his laughter. Also Read - Not a Fan? Kim Jong Un Calls K-Pop a 'Vicious Cancer', Threatens to Execute or Jail North Koreans Listening to It!

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The video has garnered over 47K views and the reaction of netizens on watching the clip was very much similar to that of the barber and the man who couldn’t stop his laughter seeing his new hairstyle. Social media users posted comments like, “Dude pulls it off! Looks good”, “I think the barber’s accuracy is what is NFL”, “I want this dude to fly to North Korea dressed as Kim Jong Un and confuse the border guards”, “I love that the hairstylist is enjoying it as much as he is”, and many more.