Viral Video: You must have heard or seen about store rooms or secret rooms in homes, but have you ever heard about a huge tunnel inside the room of a house whose door opens from under the bed? Yes! Usually most of us keep household items under the bed box, but rarely have we heard about a secret tunnel under the bed.  Turns out a person made a long and spacious tunnel under his bed! The video of the bizarre creation has gone viral on social media, perplexing social media users.Also Read - Viral Video Shows Man Flying in New York’s Times Square, People Are Reminded of Green Goblin | Watch

In the video, some stairs are seen under this bed and after going down, there is a long tunnel. If one goes forward, there is a huge space equal to a room, where one can comfortably live.

Watch the video: 

Yellow lights have been laid around the ground in the tunnel and it is clear that it would have taken a long time to build it, because there are signs on the walls of the tunnel excavation.

This video has gone viral on the internet with some people being amazed by the creation. Some users joked that Osama bin Laden must have been hiding in this tunnel. One user wrote, ”That’s some El Chapo shit,’ ‘while another wrote, ”Is that the cave where osama bin laden was living.” Some others found it totally creepy and necessary saying, ”Creepy! Looks like a psychokille s place.”

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