Dahod Viral Video: A shocking video has captured the heart-stopping moment when a youth had a miraculous escape after he was run over by a bus he tried to overtake. According to The Times of India, the incident took place on Monday afternoon on the Godhra road to Jhalod highway in Dahod.Also Read - Viral Video: Man Asks Barber to Give Him a Kim Jong-un Haircut and the Result Left him Laughing Hard | WATCH

The video which has now gone viral, shows a youth on a motorcycle trying to overtake a state transport bus. However, he was hit by the bus, fell off his bike and came under the bus even before the driver could apply brakes. As his bike gets dragged on the road, he miraculously wriggled out from beneath it and even went to verify his bike.

In a tweet, journalist Gopi Maniar ghanghar wrote, ”A youth in #Gujarat’s #Dahod had a miraculous escape after he was rashly run over by a bus he tried to overtake. He came under the bus, but moments later he wriggled out and even went to check his bike.”

Watch the video here: (Viewer discretion advised)

The video has gone viral, scaring netizens who said that the accident could have been fatal. Many blamed the youth for trying to overtake the bus and being reckless, while others praised his luck.

”Should’ve had a helmet on,” wrote one user, while another commented, ”Bike fault 100%. shouldn’t have overtake from left and on turning…”

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Whose fault was it? What do you think?