A video of a man on ventilator with oxygen mask and making ‘khaini’ (tobacco) has been going crazily viral on social media. For what it looks from the viral video, it seems that the man is down with some serious illness and has been put on ventilator. However, despite his illness, he couldn’t let go of his addiction to tobacco and can be seen making the tobacco mix by rubbing it on his hand as someone holds the oxygen mask for him.Also Read - Viral Video: Puppy Distracts Little Girl and Steals Her Candy, Leaves Her in Tears. Watch

In the short video clip, a man can be seen lying on a hospital bed, and while a nurse holds the oxygen mask for him and another stands near his feet, the patient can be seen rubbing khaini on his palm with his thumb. Also Read - Viral Video: Mom Saves Toddler Running Towards Black Bear To Hug Him. Watch

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The undated video was uploaded on Twitter by an user and since then it has been shared by many on social media.