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Viral Video: Man Shows Frilled Dragon Lizard, Reminds Netizens of Scary Dinosaur From Jurassic Park. Watch

Instagram users instantly compared the frilled lizard with the scary dinosaur from Jurassic Park.

Published: July 28, 2022 9:23 PM IST

By Kritika Bansal | Edited by Kritika Bansal

Frilled Dragon Lizard
Frilled Dragon Lizard

Viral Video Today: The frilled lizard, also known commonly as the frill-necked lizard, frilled dragon or frilled agama. It is known for raising its neck frill, or the extra flap of skin around its neck, in an effort to intimidate predators. These lizards live in northern Australia and New Guinea. Upon seeing the raised neck frill of this lizard, some people think it’s venomous or that it spits poison at predators. In reality, this reptile is not venomous and has no poison to spit, unlike the dinosaur from Jurassic Park.

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American YouTuber Jay Brewer, who is the founder and president of the Reptile Zoo Prehistoric Inc., recently posted a video on Instagram where he can be seen holding two frilled dragons in his hands while telling viewers about the lizard brought from Australia. Jay posted the video with the following caption: “Frilled dragons sure look like they belong in the movies. They act like they are big giant dangerous lizards, but instead they all show and very little go.”

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The reel has gone viral with over 122k views and 6,400 likes. As expected, netizens were creeped out by the lizard and said they do not want to go anywhere near it. Instagram users instantly compared the frilled lizard with the scary dinosaur from Jurassic Park called the ‘Dilophosaurus’ that attacked a man with its poison.

Watch the viral video below:

Have you ever seen such a lizard?

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Published Date: July 28, 2022 9:23 PM IST