Viral Video Today: There is no shortage of videos on the internet where people make a fool of themselves. Many times, people who don’t cook often, are seen doing dangerous chef tricks in the kitchen and end up setting things or their hair on fire or making the pancake stick on the ceiling.Also Read - Viral Video: Pilot Welcomes Cancer Survivor Onboard With Heartfelt Announcement, Makes Her Tear-Up. Watch

You might have seen people flipping pancakes or omelettes with the pan itself, but you may have never someone attempting to toss chappatis with a heavy tawa. This man has invented a new technique where you don’t use your hands or tongs to flip the roti but you toss it in the air like a pancake. And of course, this trick didn’t go well. Also Read - Viral Video: Firefighter Helps Blind Boy Experience Firestation Visit In The Sweetest Way. Watch

In the clip, a man is sitting on the floor and cooking rotis on a small cylinder stove. He then takes the tawa on the side and tries to flip the roti in the air, but the handle breaks and the hot tawa falls on him. The video was shared on Instagram by a meme page and has received over 15k views and 1,000 likes. Netizens found the video hilarious and flooded the comments with laughing. Also Read - Police Officer Shares Viral Video Of Pankaj Tripathi Giving Life Advice Everyone Needs to Know. Watch


Lesson of the day: Cook safely and don’t show off in the kitchen.