Viral Video: Needless to say, an Indian wedding procession is incomplete without a crazy dance session. A perfect opportunity to let loose, baaratis are often seen dancing excitedly, matching the beats and energy of dhol and band wale. One such wedding baarat video is going viral online for all the right reasons. In the video, a man is seen breaking into a weird dance routine and coming up with killer expressions, which will definitely make you laugh hard.Also Read - Viral Video: Groom Snatches Rasgulla From Girl's Hand & Eats It, Video Will Make You Laugh | Watch

As the other baaratis are seen doing the routine dance, a man in pink shirt first closes his eyes as if he were concentrating hard on the music. He then dances abruptly making crazy facial expressions and even stares at the sky at one point. Closing his eyes and grinning his teeth, all seems to be a part of his dance routine. Believe us, you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing after watching this dance.

Watch the video here:

It’s not known where the video is from, but people are loving the video and can’t stop laughing at this crazy dance. Some are jokingly saying that even Govinda will fail in front of his hilarious dance.

Recently, another dance video went viral, wherein a woman dressed in a saree grooves to the popular Bollywood song ‘Kyun aage peeche dolte ho’, along with her brother-in-law, who seems a little shy and hesitant at dancing. As she aces the dance moves and expressions perfectly, the man supports her by coming up with a few dance steps and gestures.