Viral Video: A video of a monkey sitting inside a liquor shop and drinking alcohol from a bottle has gone viral on the internet, shocking social media users. According to a Aaj Tak report, the incident happened in Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh.Also Read - Video of a Monkey Washing Utensils at a Tea Stall Goes Viral, Netizens React | WATCH

In the video, a monkey first enters the wine shop and grabs a bottle of alcohol. He opens the lid of a bottle with his mouth, and then starts drinking it slowly. Meanwhile, the shopkeeper is unfazed by the monkey’s presence and also offers a biscuit. However, the monkey seems busy drinking and ignores the eatable. Just like humans, the monkey then holds the bottle and gulps alcohol down his throat, to the amusement of passersby.

Watch the video here:

Seeing this strange incident, many people gathered near the shop and started recording videos on their mobile phones. According to eyewitnesses, the monkey was first seen drinking a few drops from old alcohol bottles lying on the ground near a liquor store a few days ago.  Since he was seen every day near the shops, and no one drove him away. Many said that the monkey might have liked the taste and that’s why he was back for more. The shop’s staff said they have made preparations to drive him away the next time.

Notably, monkeys are excellent at mimicking human beings. They can easily learn things from humans and imitate their actions.

Even before this, many such funny videos have come to the fore where monkeys have consumed alcohol. Many incidents have also surfaced wherein monkeys created a lot of ruckus after drinking alcohol.