Viral Video:  Even the mere mention of a snake induces fear, but have you ever heard or read about a snake, whom everyone wants to see?  Well, a video of a gorgeous rainbow snake will leave you mesmerised with its beautiful colours. The snake has been named MyLove. An Instagram page called the reptile zoo shared the video and captioned it as ”MyLove’s iridescence just never gets old.”Also Read - Odisha Woman Sees Her Child Crawl Towards 8-Ft-Long King Cobra, Grabs The Snake With Her Hands

The video shows a woman, probably a zoo employee, hanging the huge snake around her neck as she happily poses for the camera and flaunts the stunning colours of the reptile. At first, the snake appears to be blue at first but if you have a closer look, you will see that the reptile’s skin is of many different colours. As light bounces off the reptile’s Iridescent scales, the colours shine even brighter.

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral and users are stunned to see such a pretty snake. One user wrote, ”I swear, if I ever get out there to see y’all, my first request will be “TAKE ME TO MY LOVE!” 😍❤️ She is simply GORGEOUS!!” Another wrote, ”So Stunning.”

In another treat for reptile lovers, The Reptile Zoo also shared a mind-blowing picture of the snake with the caption, “Here’s a little appreciation post for one of the prettiest snakes in the zoo. Not only is she beautiful but she’s an absolute sweetheart there’s a reason we named her MyLove.”

Rainbow Snakes, known as the Farancia erytrogramma is a species of large, nonvenomous, highly aquatic, colubrid snake, which is endemic to coastal plains of the southeastern United States.