New Delhi: People in many North Indian states were left confused and puzzled after they spotted mysterious lights moving in the sky on Friday. Many recorded the strange event and shared the videos on social media, which went viral last night. The videos showed a line of bright lights moving through the dark skies, leading to a series of speculations. Many other images and videos also showed a flickering light moving and shining in the night sky.Also Read - Viral Video: Indonesian YouTuber Dances on Sooryavanshi Song Najaa, Akshay Kumar Loves It

According to Hindustan Times, residents of Punjab’s Pathankot claimed that the bright light was seen around 7 PM on Friday for 5 minutes. In many areas, the suspicious light also triggered panic among residents. Meanwhile, many reports also claimed that it is Elon Musk-led ‘Starlink’ satellites.

Watch the videos here:

So what was it? As per news agency ANI, defence sources have confirmed that it was indeed a satellite, putting to rest all speculations of it being an UFO.

Earlier this year, mysterious lights were seen darting through the sky in Gujarat, triggering speculation of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). However, Narottam Sahoo, Advisor at Gujarat Council of Science and Technology (GUJCOST) dismissed the theory and said that the light sighting could be because of some satellite passing through the low earth orbit.