Well, it’s still 2020 and as we have seen and experienced, anything can happen this year! In yet another bizarre news, a naked man was caught on camera wearing nothing but a giant panda head rollerblading down a highway in Ohio. The incident, which occurred on December 15 shows the man zooming down the eight-lane highway at remarkably high speed, shocking passersby. Also Read - Kashmiri Man Sings Soulful Song to Bird Sitting on Car Top. Seen the Viral Video yet?

An onlooker called Dijon Revels, captured the mysterious rollerblader as he took the highway and was seen zipping away, oblivious to motorists around him. The naked man was also seen holding a selfie stick, supposedly to capture himself and his  stunts on the highway.

A voice in the video can be heard saying: “This dude’s on the freeway naked!”

Watch the video here:

Following the incident, a spokesman at the Ohio Department of Transportation said that pedestrians are not permitted on the interstate highways as it is a safety issue.

“Pedestrians are not permitted on interstate highways. There are signs posted at all the entrance ramps. This is a safety issue,” a spokesman at the Ohio Department of Transportation said. Officials have said the identity of the rollerblading man wasn’t known as of Thursday.

Meanwhile, the incident has both amused and shocked people on the internet. Here are some reactions: