People pushing cars when they break down might be a common sight but not people pushing airplanes. A video is going viral on Twitter where passengers can be seen pushing a small aircraft away from the runway after its rear tyre burst. The incident took place at Bajura airport in Nepal recently.Also Read - Viral Video: Mother Thanks Son With Chappal Ki Pitai As He Welcomes Her With Flowers At Airport

In the video, a group of passengers could be seen trying hard to push a Tara Airlines aircraft away from the landing strip. While most passengers focused on keeping the back of the plane lifted, some pushed it forward from the middle and a man could be seen pushing the tyre. Also Read - Viral Video: Husband & Wife's Romantic Dance on Manike Mage Hithe Wins Hearts | Watch

The video uploaded with the caption “Probably only in our Nepal!” by a user named Samrat has received over 55,800 views. Also Read - Viral Video: Govt Employee in Kanpur Runs After Goat As It Eats His Papers. WATCH

Watch the viral video below:

While many netizens found the incident funny and made jokes about it, some were concerned about the safety of the passengers. Here are some of the reactions: