A video is going viral on social media in which a Nigerian man tastes Indian food for the first time. Influencer couple Taccara Rae and Lamboginny posted a video of them trying Indian food on Instagram.Also Read - Viral Video: Cute Cat Teaches Her Little Kitten How To Climb Stairs | Watch

The couple went to a restaurant called Bonani Take Out Indian Kitchen in Connecticut, US. They ordered a dish called Lamb Vindaloo with rice and parathas. Also Read - Viral Video: Chicken Shows Snake Who’s The Boss Of This Farm | Watch

After the couple received their order, the man Lamboginny said, “”This is Lamb Vindaloo? If it is not sweet, I am not going to pay.” And the waiter replied saying, “It is not sweet. It is a little spicy.” Also Read - Viral Video: Duck Walks With Her Adorable Little Ducklings in IIM Ahmedabad Campus | Watch

As soon as he ate a bite of the dish, Lamoginny was speechless and asked for more rice. “I am already an Indian,” Lamboginny told Taccara as he devoured the lamb dish.

“I am going to pay double,” he told the waiter. He liked the food so much that even got extra dishes packed for takeout.

Watch the viral video below: