Viral Video: Despite being under immense pressure and stress, frontline workers, doctors and healthcare professionals all over the world have been  serving patients day and night, while risking themselves to the deadly virus. Not only that, various videos have surfaced on the internet where healthcare workers have even entertained their patients, by either singing or dancing to cheer them up. One such video of a nurse from Ottawa in Canada singing for patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) has gone viral.Also Read - Healthcare Workers in PPE Suits Perform Bhangra to Cheer Covid Patients, Video Will Make You Smile | Watch

In the video, an endoscopy nurse at The Ottawa hospital, identified as Amy-Lynn, sings the song ‘You Are Not Alone’ to lift up the spirits of patients. Dressed in blue scrubs and a face mask, the nurse plays the guitar in front of an ICU ward.

The hospital shared the video with the caption, “This is Amy-Lynn. An endoscopy nurse at The Ottawa Hospital, who has recently been redeployed to the ICU. Here she is with a beautiful song for our patients… “You are not alone”. Thank you for lifting our spirits, Amy-Lynn!”

Take a look at the video:

“It’s the most fulfilling thing I could ever do,” she told CityNews Ottawa. “I know they’re being allowed to feel something that they need to feel – that they’ve not been letting themselves process whatever it is they’re going through. And I know that I’m doing my job if they’re able to have a private moment to feel something and process emotionally what they’re going through.”

The video has gone viral, with many praising her efforts to make the patients feel good, while others said that the song made them emotional. One user wrote, ” I was left with no words ..just tears and emotion from the 6 pm ctv news and now watching it again..thinking of every person there fighting to live and every Healthcare angel fighting for them..may we never forget”.

See other reactions:

After the video went viral, she responded saying, ”What an honour to have this moment shared with so many. I am humbled. Just ONE example of how us nurses help our patients. So proud of ALL #nurses #HealthcareHeroes who show up everyday.”

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