During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has been advised by medical experts that keeping our hands clean and sanitised can protect us from getting infected with the deadly virus. Amid this situation, wherever one visits, be it any shop, medical facility, ATM, or a mall you will definitely spot a bottle of sanitiser or an automatic sanitiser dispenser kept in their premises. And in one such similar situation, an old man was offered sanitiser to disinfect his hands, however, he didn’t just rub the sanitiser on his hands but applied it all over his hands, feet, face and head like some oil or lotion. Also Read - Man Raises Funds to Buy Bike for Delivery Boy Who Delivered Tea Within 15 Minutes Amid Heavy Rains

A video of the elderly man went viral after it was shared on a social media platform and it has left netizens laughing hard. The video was shared on Twitter by IPS officer Rupin Sharma with a caption in Hindi, “Iska Corona baal bhi baka nhi kar sakta. Par mask niche nahi karna tha chacha. (Corona won’t even dare to touch him. But, uncle you shouldn’t have pulled your mask down)” Also Read - Instead of UP Policeman Himself, His Brother-in-law Kept Working as Cop for Years, Here's What Happened Next

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The video has garnered over 5K views and people have posted hilarious comments like “It would have been better that he took a bath with sanitiser”, “Chacha ka sampoorn suraksha kavach –> Sanitizer”, “Corona won’t dare go near him” and many more.