Jaipur: Just like humans, cuddles and hugs also make animals feel calm, safe, and comfortable. And, to prove the same there’s a sea of lovey-dovey animal videos that you can find on the internet that will make you go Awww…Wondering why we are telling you about such heartwarming and affectionate behavior of animals? So, here it is. A video of a langur (also called Hanuman langurs or Hanuman monkeys) adorably hugging a Dadi while she was lying on a bed is going viral across social media platforms now. The video was shot in Phalodi area of Rajasthan’s Jodhpur district.Also Read - Viral Video: Hungry Leopard Hunts Baby Monkey By Jumping on Tree at Panna Tiger Reserve | Watch

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The 35-seconds-long video clip begins with the langur sitting on the bed beside the 90-year-old woman named Bhanvri Devi. While Bhanvri Devi begins to start gently patting the langur on its back, the langur then immediately gets up sits atop Bhanvri Devi, and starts hugging her several times. In the next few seconds, the langur also tries to run its hands through Bhanvri Devi’s hair and then slowly walks towards the door and leaves the room. Throughout the video, one can see another woman standing near the bed with folded hands. Also Read - Viral Video: Leopard Hunts & Kills Monkey on Tree at Panna Tiger Reserve, Video Will Give You Chills | Watch

You can also watch the video here:

Speaking to India.com, Bhanvri Devi’s family members said that the langur came out of nowhere and started hugging the old lady and left on its own.