Cute monkey enjoying lollipop: Every once in a while, adorable videos of animals doing goofy things go viral on the internet. This time, it’s a video of a cute monkey who is seen enjoying a lollipop, without a care in the world. The 38-second video shows the monkey relishing an orange lollipop, just like a small child. The video clip which has amused people on the internet, is also making them nostalgic as it reminds them of their own childhood days.Also Read - Viral Video: Cute Monkey Helps Woman in Cutting Vegetables, Netizens Are Amused | Watch

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral, and is being widely shared on various social media platforms.

A few days back, a video of a monkey doing household chores, on the behest of a woman had gone viral. In the video, a woman whose face is not shown, is seen cutting vegetables and the monkey is sitting near her. She passes on the vegetables into a big bowl kept in front of the monkey and the animal swiftly cuts them into half, in a non-stop speed.

Another video of a ‘pawri’ video which shows a group of monkeys feasting upon a huge birthday cake, had also gone viral, a couple of days back.

Watching such animal videos not just make you feel good, but also reduces stress. Though these videos might seem silly at times, the light-hearted nature of such content can lift your mood and help build your resilience to stress.