Since day one of coronavirus spread, the government and the health organisations suggested everyone to wear masks and gloves as a precaution. However, a video of a nurse is doing rounds on the internet where she elaborates ‘cross-contamination’ – like how germs spread even after wearing gloves. Yes, you read that right! Also Read - UP News: 21 Fresh Coronavirus Cases in Gautam Buddh Nagar, Total Tally at 591

In an elaborate video, the Michigan nurse has come up with a creative way to explain how easily the virus can spread even while wearing gloves. She uses paint to show how germs can spread easily and how important it is to wash hands many times. Also Read - Procure And Stock PPE Kits, Oxygen Masks For 3 Months, Delhi Govt Directs Hospitals Amid Rise in COVID-19 Cases

Molly Lixey said that she has been observing lately that people are wearing gloves to prevent the novel coronavirus. “I am seeing a lot of people out in public wearing gloves right now. That’s great. If you want to wear gloves, that’s all fine and well. You absolutely can. But I want to remind you of a little thing called cross-contamination,” Molly Lixey said in the video. Also Read - Coronavirus in Gurugram: Private Hospitals to Face Action if Patients Refused Treatment

“There is no point in wearing gloves if you are not going to wash your hands every time you touch something. There is no point, friends. So, do whatever makes you feel safe but remember, there is some science here. Go ahead, wear your gloves but you need to clean your hands all the time. Don’t touch your face. Don’t touch your dirty phone. Secondly, throw your gloves in the trash,” Molly added in the video.

Watch the video here:

The nurse also highlighted that the gloves are required to be disposed off in a trash can appropriately after use and wash your hands immediately with soap after doing so.