Lahore: An influencer in Pakistan has come under fire after she reportedly used a chained lion as an entertainment prop at her birthday party. Notably, the influencer named Susan Khan hosted her birthday party in Lahore in which a sedated and chained-up lioness was present, shackled with an iron chain, surrounded by people partying amid loud music.Also Read - Viral Video: This Baby Monkey Playing With a Little Chicken and Kissing it Will Make You Go Awww | WATCH

The incident surfaced when Project Save Animals, an animal rescue organisation, shared the videos from the party on Instagram.In the videos, the lion can be seen lying on furniture at the party venue with a chain around its neck. In one of the videos, Susan can be seen petting the lion.

The caption reads, “@susankhanofficial is a so-called influencer who hosted her birthday bash yesterday and needless to say it was an affair that needs to be discussed. While I am not against birthdays and how people choose to celebrate them but I am severely against people using animals as props. And that’s exactly what happened at Miss Susan’s birthday.”

Watch the videos here:

”Lions were shackled left and right and paraded as if they were a new decoration piece. Which they’re not, obviously. Why do we tend to forget that these are living, breathing beings that have the capacity to feel just like you? How would you feel if someone sedated you, tied you up and thrust you in an environment with loud music and screaming people? It’s ironic how humans are the first ones to forget their humanity. Animals are NOT decor that you can use to show your wealth and status at your events. You DO NOT get to violate another being at the expense of your leisure,” the caption read further.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, and several people have criticised Susan. Calling her act ‘disgusting and unacceptable’, many also called for legal action against her.

“If you look at the paws of the lion, they are stubbed, meaning they were declawed. I’ve seen people in Pakistan showing off wild cats in public and social media. I find it messed up that people get pleasure from seeing an animal that is shackled and sedated,” animal rescuer Syed Hassan, told VICE World News.

Meanwhile, Hassan, the founder of Project Save Animals launched a petition calling for an end to animals being used as party props. On the petition page Hassan wrote: “With countless cubs and lions being mistreated in Pakistan, we cannot afford to showcase behaviour that seeks to normalize this atrocity. I deal with so many people who have a lot of complaints when it comes to adopting strays but we don’t bat an eye at this monstrosity? This needs to stop and it won’t until we stand up against this highly problematic behaviour and call those out who are responsible for it.”

In a similar case of animal cruelty from Pakistan itself, a couple from Lahore used a sedated lion cub as a ‘prop’ for their wedding photoshoot. The couple can be seen posing for the camera while the cub lies sleepily on the floor.