New Delhi: A shocking viral video is doing the rounds on social media where police seized a truck that had liquor bottles in a secret drawer. The video showed hundreds of liquor bottles and cartons inside a drawer-like space which were very cleverly concealed in the truck.Also Read - Anand Mahindra Posts Photo Of Beautiful Sculpture With Deep Meaning. See Viral Tweet

In the 1 minute 30 seconds long video that was shared on Twitter, several police officials standing near the truck they seized. A man unscrewed the number plate behind the truck. Then as a few cops held the truck, it took two men to pull out the concealed cabinet that was being used to illegally smuggle liquor. And it took the whole group of me to lift out the drawer and put it on the ground. Also Read - Viral Video: Woman Tries To Kiss Husband During Zoom Call, Anand Mahindra Calls Her Wife Of The Year

The amount of alcohol that was hidden in the truck left netizens shocked. Business tycoon Anand Mahindra was also surprised as he shared the video with his Twitter followers, calling it “diabolically clever”. Also Read - Business Tycoon Anand Mahindra Tweets Meme We Can All Relate; Says It Made Him 'Jump Out of Chair'

He tweeted saying, “Diabolically clever. Gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘Payload!’ But I assure you this kind of innovation was not part of the design brief for the pickup truck Product Development team at our research centre, nor will it EVER be!”

The video on Anand Mahindra’s Twitter has received 1.64 lakh views within a day along with over a thousand retweets.

However, it gives out no details on where or when the incident took place. However, a number plate on the truck had Gujarat registration number. Gujarat is a complete ‘dry state’ which means it has a strict ban on sale, manufacture or consumption of liquor.