Viral Video: A hilarious moment was caught on camera showing a sneaky seagull walking into a store and grabbing a packet of chips. The 15-second video shows the clever bird walking coolly into a convenience store and making its way to the snacks fridge. The bird then grabs a bag of chips in its beak and quickly walks out of the shop. Another seagull excitedly waits for him on the road and both of them leave from there to enjoy the chips.Also Read - Viral Video: Rival Monkey Gangs Fight on The Street Over Food, Bring Traffic To a Halt | Watch

Twitter user Buitengebieden who often shares often shares such positive and feel-good videos shared the clip and wrote, “Just act normal, nobody will notice”.

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So far more than 2 lakh 87 thousand people have seen this video shared on Twitter. The post has received a lot of users in the form of 19,000 likes and around 4000 retweets. People can’t stop laughing at this adorable shoplifting incident and joked that the seagulls look exactly like professional thieves. Some shared how seagulls often steals things.

One user wrote, ”Seagulls are “known” thieves. We stopped on the wharf to get an ice cream and a flock of them attacked my friend. They took her ice cream cone! It was a hit and fly!,” while another commented

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