This year the winter season has gripped the Northern Hemisphere in a very tight hold. News of extreme cold have been coming to fore from all over the world. From reports of Niagara Falls freezing to penguins in Calgary Zoo being protected from harsh winds in Canada, this year has seen some extreme weather conditions. Even in India people are being subjected to extremely harsh and bitter winter with temperatures reaching the freezing point. Waves splashing across shores are one of the most thrilling experiences but due to extreme weather this time even broken pieces of ice sheet has been washed ashore. A video shared on Facebook has gone viral for its breathtaking but rare phenomenon of showing waves of ice crashing against the dock.Also Read - Three Dead, 4 Injured in House Party Shooting in North Carolina

Brandon Bancroft, a US based-chef went live on Facebook after capturing the rare phenomenon of shards of ice crashing against the dock outside his restaurant The Blue Point in Duck, North Carolina. The video is spellbinding and chilling because you can’t seem to imagine the temperature that must have turned water to ice. The restaurant is located overlooking the Currituck Sound which is an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. As reported by The News & Observer, Brandon Bancroft and his colleagues noticed huge sheets of ice moving towards the shore similar to how a glacier moves. Calgary Zoo in Canada Moves its Penguins Indoors to Shelter Them From Freezing Temperature and Chilly Winds Also Read - Two Women Fight Over PlayStation 5 at Walmart Store, One Gets Knocked Out on The Floor | Watch

The video shows shards of ice sheets crashing against the dock and at a juncture in the video; a pole in the way of frozen waves causes the sheet to break apart. Broken sheets of thick ice also get collected around the base of the dock in the video. Niagara Fall Freezes, Becomes Spectacular Winter Wonderland: See Pics Also Read - Maskhole! Woman Thrown Out of Plane For Refusing to Wear Face Mask While Travelling Amid COVID-19 | WATCH

Check out the video below:

Brandon Bancroft told the The News & Observer, “We looked outside and saw the one pole cutting through the ice. We wondered how it was happening, so we ran out to check it out. The whole sound was frozen over, and the very center cracked, and it split like a river in the middle.” Brandon Bancroft captured the rare phenomenon and went live on Facebook to share it with the rest of the world. The video has already reached viral status with people hardly able to believe what they saw.