Viral Video Today: Another bizarre food invention is going viral on social media where mango, yes the sweet summer fruit mango, was mixed with every Indian’s favourite Maggi noodles. Netizens were super triggered over the recipe as they couldn’t see their two favourite things being ‘destroyed’ like that. However, as the video seems to be created for the purpose of triggering netizens with the strange combination, many understood that and just laughed at it. There wasn’t a single netizen who wanted to try it though.Also Read - Viral Video: A Food Blogger Makes Maggie With Cotton Candy, Netizens Say, 'Chii' - Watch

The video shared on Instagram by a food blogging page called The Great Indian Foodie shows a street vendor making Mango Maggi. The video starts with a woman putting butter, Maggi masala on a tawa, and then putting in Maggi noodles and water. Also Read - Viral Video: A Man Makes Ice Cream Rolls Adding Maggie, Netizens Troll It Badly; Must Watch

She then adds almost a whole bottle of Slice – a popular mango drink – to the noodles. After the maggi is cooked, she serves it on a plate, peels a mango, and adds big slices on top of the maggi. On the side, she adds more Slice juice for dipping the maggi into it. Also Read - Viral Video: Ghaziabad Street Vendor Makes Maggi With Coke. Netizens Say Bhai Maaro Mujhe

Watch the viral video below:

The video has received over 144k views and 4,900 likes. It has also received hundreds of comments with netizens just being totally horrified with the food invention. Here are some of the comments by angry Instagram users:

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