Viral Video: For many people, pets are just like their family members. More and more often, animals are included in family events and become important to all members of the family. Exemplifying the same, Sudha Murthy, Chairperson of Infosys foundation, was seen celebrating her dog’s birthday in the most adorable way. In a video of the celebration that went viral, Sudha and her sister are seen doing aarti of their dog Gopi on its birthday. Along with performing the rituals, they also lovingly caress the dog and sing a happy birthday song.Also Read - Viral Video: Bride and Groom Left Shell-Shocked as Wedding Cake Falls Over, But There's a Twist

“This is so cute. Sudha Murthy and her sister doing Arti for their dog Gopi on his birthday,” the caption of the video read.

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral, and people loved the heartwarming gesture of Murthy towards her dog. One user wrote, ”How pure is this! Murthy family is a blessing We are facing scarcity of finding new age families like this, finding some down to earth leaders like Mr. Murthy & Mr. Tata in this indian unicorn setup is incredibly hard May we always keep ourselves as vulnerable as these guys.”

Another wrote, ”Pets are children of house , they understand sentiments very well – they feel very happy when their family live peacefully as they consider themselves as members of family.”

Yet another added, “It’s called ‘औक्षण’ (Aukshan) in Marathi. It’s very different from an ‘aarti’ though the action is similar. A ghee lamp, betel (supari), ring, haldi-kumkum and rice akshata. This is  usually done on birthdays to bless the person/entity, ward off evil and bestow longevity of life.”

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