Surat: Of late, many bizarre food combinations have gone viral on social media, leaving food lovers shocked. After chocolate biryani, foodies are now left aghast to see a bizarre food combination of ‘Fanta Omelette’. Yes, a street food stall in Gujarat’s Surat has been selling an egg recipe using the orange aerated drink.Also Read - Video of Man Driving With Girlfriend Tied To Car's Roof in Bizarre 'Trust Test' Goes Viral | WATCH

The video of the bizarre food which has gone viral on social media shows the street-vendor creating the weirdest food fusion of eggs and fizzy orange drink. What’s more is that the chef says that he came up with the recipe of Fanta omelette on public demand! And it ain’t cheap either. Known as ‘Fanta Fry’, made with both sunny-side-up and boiled eggs comes at Rs 250 per plate.

Twitter user Eesha, posted a video from an eatery in Surat, Gujarat, preparing a special egg dish called Fanta Omelette.The caption of the post reads, “Mom come pick me, they are frying Fanta with eggs.”

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral, with more than 2000 likes and hundreds of comments from people who were left scratching their heads. Many wanted to know how the dish tasted. In the video, the chef also added that the shop also sells thumbs up egg, coke egg and sprite egg.

Even food delivery companies, like Swiggy, tweeted about the same.

One user who was clearly disgusted said, ”So basically they put a carbonated drink to have the Carbon dioxide evaporate eventually leaving behind sugary water with flavour in it and giving the omelette a bubbly nature (exactly what baking soda does). Why do people pay Rs. 250 for such nonsense?”

A second user wrote, ”I am 100% sure there will be chemical reaction wich will not be good for health. If you heat permitted colors which are softdrinks always are not good for health.”

Here are other reactions:

Would you have the heart to try it? The shop is located in Shant Vasuram Shopping Centre near Bhulka Bhavan School, in Surat.