Kabul: A Taliban member reportedly compared women without hijabs to ‘sliced melons’, in a video that has gone viral, drawing widespread outrage and criticism. The misogynist remarks were made by an Taliban official when he was talking to a journalist. In the video, the official compared women without hijabs to sliced melons and stated that nobody wants to buy a sliced melon and they all prefer intact melon.Also Read - Taliban Bans Women's Sports in Afghanistan Citing Islamic Dress Code

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, women have been strictly ordered to wear hijab when in public, while those attending private universities are mandated to wear an abaya robe and niqab covering most of the face.

A BBC journalist Zia Shahreyar l shared the video and wrote, ”A Taliban official in an interview in Kabul on the importance of Hijab: “Do you buy a sliced melon or an intact melon. Of course the intact one. A woman without Hijab is like a sliced melon.”

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral, with many appalled at the bizarre comparison, while others said how the man in the video is really insinuating ‘purchasing’ women. One user wrote, ”But why you want to Buy women ?” Another wrote, ”I cannot believe that this misogynistic charade does not create massive outrage and the world is busy legitimizing this Terror group. A woman is a free human. Cope.”

Here’s how other people reacted:

Ever since Taliban consolidated its control of Afghanistan, panic and fear has gripped residents, especially women. Just today, a Taliban spokesperson said that women’s sports, and women’s cricket specifically, will be banned in the country. The terror group said Islam and the Islamic Emirate do not allow women to play sports in which they get exposed.

“In cricket, they might face a situation where their face and body will not be covered. Islam does not allow women to be seen like this,” said Ahmadullah Wasiq, the deputy head of the Taliban’s cultural commission.

Though Taliban had initially assured that women will be granted rights adhering to the Islamic Sharia law, several recent incidents point that their promises were indeed hollow. From banning co-education to not allowing women to work and play, the regressive laws have sparked a series of protests in the country.