Remember the cute kid from Nagpur who recently went viral? The little boy named named Anushrut became an overnight sensation, after his father uploaded a video of him getting a haircut back in November last year. Adorably sulking, Anushrut’s way of saying ‘arre yaar’ had melted hearts of netizens, who instantly fell in love with him.Also Read - Man Gives MP Minister Haircut on Stage, Rewarded Rs 60,000 to Set up Barber's Shop

Now, the angry kid is back with another hair cut! Turns out, he isn’t impressed even this time and is seen sulking in his usual fashion.

Anushrut’s father, Anup Patekar, shared the hilarious video on his Twitter account with the caption that read, “My baby Anushrut Haircut is Back – 2.1”. The clip features Anushrut sitting on a chair with a white and blue cloth wrapped around him, while the barber is cutting his hair and indulging in a hilarious exchange, in order to distract him.

As his father captures the video, the toddler is heard grumpily yelling, “cutting karte rehte ho 10 baar”. At one point, he exclaims, “Taklu ho jaunga! (I’ll be bald)” when barber tells him that he’ll cut his hair from top of his head.

Watch the adorable video here:

Just like the last time, the video has gone viral and netizens are loving his sweet tantrums. People all over the internet have been showering their love over the kid’s cuteness and antics, with some saying that they had been waiting for this clip.

Here’s how people are reacting:

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