Viral Video: A living example of the saying that age is just a number, a 46-year-old woman has impressed the internet with her cool skating moves. That’s not it, she has pulled off the feat in a saree! The woman identified as Oorbee Roy from Toronto often shares videos of herself skating on her Instagram page called, ‘Aunty Skates’ and in the process, breaking stereotypes about ageism.Also Read - Viral Video: Pune Woman Does Push-ups & Weight Training Wearing a Saree, Gives Major Fitness Goals | Watch

In one of her videos going viral, she is seen gliding around on her skateboard in a purple saree. The video shows a text which reads, “At 46 years old, Aunty is living her best life. It’s never too late.”

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral, impressing and inspiring people. One of the comments read, ”This is so beautiful and badass,” while another wrote, ”Okay, I can barely walk gracefully in a sari…and here you are skating in one!”

Oorbee reportedly began uploading her skating videos amidst the pandemic, in order to spread a bit of positivity during the difficult circumstances. In a few months, she gained 30 K followers, but also had to face trolls, who called her an aunty for doing what she was doing in her forties. However, she continued posting skating videos along with her family members.

Recently, another video that went viral showed an elderly woman dressed in a yellow saree, mask and bowling sneaker while striking a perfect ten at a bowling alley. She then turns around after casually bowling that perfect strike and fixes her mask casually.