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Viral Video: Tigress And Her Cub Inspect Camera Trap, Netizens Say, ‘Take A Selfie’

A tigress and her two cubs spot a camera and one of the cubs goes on to inspect it.

Published: March 18, 2023 8:34 PM IST

By Tahir Qureshi

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The cub is very curious.

Tigress And Her Baby: Of the members of the cat family, the tigers are arguably the most captivating and fascinating. Apart from their dazzling appearance, their movement in the jungle creates a furore. Over the decades, senseless hunting has reduced their numbers to alarming levels. Also, their natural habitat has been snatched away from them in the name of industrialization and development. This is the reason that the world over, the governments of countries where tigers are found, have adopted and deployed many methods to conserve, protect, and provide more area to these wonderful big cats.

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One of the methods is a camera trap. A camera trap helps conservationists to regularly monitor all the movements of all the tigers in a given area. The data collected by these cameras is used by scientists and environmentalists to keep a record and react accordingly if there is anything suspicious.

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The viral video shows a moment when a tigress and her two cubs spot a camera and one of the cubs goes on to inspect it. The mother steps in to make sure that it is nothing harmful.


The video is shared on Twitter by Saket Badola IFS @Saket_Badola with the caption, “Camera check !!”

The video has been well-received by the users and many have posted their comments. Sharing a few comments with you.

Santanu Kumar Sarangi @sksarangi33 Replying to @Saket_Badola, “Upload more camera captures”

Rahul Kamble @RahulKamble Replying to @Saket_Badola, “Is there a selfie button too ??”

Ananthakrishnan @AnanthuLic Replying to @Saket_Badola, “Where is this? Bandipur?”

Simran Kakkar @SimranKakkar9 Replying to @Saket_Badola, “Engineer 🥰”

Prathima @tmprathima Replying to @Saket_Badola, “Motherly instinct…safety first.”

Jitendra @journojitendra Replying to @Saket_Badola, “She is concerned about her privacy in her own pristine forest home”

Lone Musk @drraj_karwa Replying to @Saket_Badola and @imacuriosguy, “Nice to see many young IFS officers on #socialmedia and encouraging younger gen to opt for #wildlife courses n #jobs. After watching #ElephantWhisperers i am sure the joy n fulfillment from that is heavenly and incomparable.🙏”

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Published Date: March 18, 2023 8:34 PM IST