We have been too engulfed in the fear of a snake slithering close to a human to ever witness a sight as beautiful as it sipping water. However, a video currently breaking the Internet gives a beautiful close up of a snake sipping water from a man’s palm and that is all you need this Sunday to leave you awestruck about the beauty of nature.Also Read - Nature Helps us Cope With Body Image Issues: Study

Shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda, the video shows a tiny green snake camouflaged among the shrubs in the backdrop yet cutely bending its neck to sip water from the human’s outstretched hand. The caption elaborated, “Snake sipping in some water. Tongue doesn’t help a snake get water.  It is said that they depress their jaws creating negative pressure to draw the water & then seal up the mouth to create a positive pressure & push the water into their body (sic).” Also Read - Viral Video: Hungry Bride Enjoys Eating Chinese Food Before Wedding, People Call it Relatable | Watch

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Quick to marvel, the netizens flooded the comments section with reactions. While one user wrote, “Snake’s colour….just waao (sic)”, another tweeted, “Incredibly beautiful (sic)” and yet another shared, “Amazing view…hav never seen or even ever heard of anything like this…awestruck (sic).”

Check out Twitter’s reaction on the video here:

If this is not the loveliest thing on the Internet today, we wonder what is!