An adorable video is going viral on the internet where an Indian boy asks Amazon’s Alexa to play songs. The little boy’s reaction to when Alexa plays what he asks her to is the most heartwarming thing you will see today. The video was shared on Instagram a few days ago by a user called ‘Tintin Ka Bacha’. It has now gone viral with more than 8,600 likes on the post.Also Read - Viral Video: Baby Elephant Refuses To Sleep, Adorable Video Will Remind You of Your Childhood | Watch

The video shows a toddler, Kabir Sood, standing on a sofa and instructing the smart speaker to play the evergreen song Dum Dum Diga Diga from the 1960 Bollywood movie Chhalia. The reason that netizens are loving this video so much is firstly the super cute way the boy pronounces the name of the song and commands Alexa. Also Read - Viral Video: Friendly Seal Hugs a Scuba Diver in North Sea, Adorable Video Melts Hearts | Watch

And when Alexa plays his song request, the toddler’s jaw drops and he looks at the person recording him with pure joy. On seeing his adorable reaction, the woman recording the video couldn’t help but laugh. Also Read - Viral Video: Grandma Commands Alexa to Sing Ganpati Bhajan in The Most Adorable Way | Watch

Then, the young boy asks Alexa to play The Banana Boat song. Unfortunately, Alexa couldn’t catch what Kabir said the first time and he just stands there. But when tries to command Alexa to play the same song again, it works and he again gives a really cute reaction after the song starts playing.

The boy’s pure innocence and how he finds joy in little things like other kids was very relatable and heartwarming to see for Instagram users.

Watch the viral video below: