Viral vibing cat video: Who doesn’t love cute animal videos? Adorable videos of puppies playing, kittens doing goofy things and trotting baby elephants…they all melt the heart and make you smile. In case you are looking for something to ease your Monday blues, we have just the right video for you. Well, you must be aware of the cat vibing video which had gone viral last year, inspiring a plethora of memes on social media. Notably, the video features visually impaired Turkish musician Bilal Goregen who played darbuka on a popular 1930 Finnish song–Ievan Polkka–while an animated cat nodded its head in rhythm. Since then, various clips related to this viral video have surfaced online. Also Read - Kerala Man Faints and Almost Falls Off Balcony, Bystander Grabs him by Feet | Watch Viral Video

Now, another adorable video of a cat enjoying the ‘vibing cat’ video is being widely shared online. It all started when a cat owner decided to show Goregen’s video to his/her cat and, and just like us, the feline too couldn’t stop moving to the rhythm.

Watch the video here:

Many others also shared similar videos of their cats enjoying the enjoying the clip:

Watching animal videos are known to have stress-relieving benefits on human beings and as per a study watching cute and funny animal videos also helps a human brain to become calmer.