A video of a woman preparing stir-fry noodles on a flaming hot wok while dancing to Psy’s Gangnam Style has taken social media by storm. People can’t help but be stunned as the woman can be seen effortlessly swinging a pan of hot noodles while dancing simultaneously. Also Read - Baba Ramdev Falls Off Elephant While Doing Yoga, No Injuries; Video Goes Viral

In the video, the woman dressed in a sweater and pants is seen cooking noodles in a wok at an Asian market by the street, while onlookers recorded the impressive act.

Tweeted by user Sarah, the video caption reads, “Me making super noodles after coming home at 4am hammered.”

Watch the video here:

The video has gone super viral, amassing more than 9 million views, and over 66,000 retweets. Many were impressed with her mad skills, while others joked about what would happen if she accidentally dropped the hot noodle on someone in the crowd.

 Some had curious questions like this, ‘I always just wonder what makes someone decide they’re going to start doing stuff like this.’

Another wrote, ”I’m sure she’s been doing it for a while, but that one time she missteps and…hot noodles on everyone!”

Check out the reactions:

Notably, the woman in the video has a TikTok account where she posts videos of her cooking and dancing online under the username keeley86.