Viral Video: Wedding videos have become the new rage on social media, wherein the bride or groom were captured on camera, caught in rather funny or embarrassing situations. One such video is becoming very viral on the internet in which the bride and groom stand on the stage just as the garland ceremony is about to begin. As soon as the bride puts the garland on the groom, he also places the garland on her, leading to the varmala getting entangled. Funnily, the garland gets stuck on the groom’s head, as others intervene to separate the two varmalas.

Watch the video here:
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The video is going viral, making people laugh at the funny situation. Many poured laughing emojis on the post, while others wondered what is going on. This video has been liked by more than 8 thousand people.

Another wedding video which went viral yesterday shows a groom carrying his newly wed bride on his shoulder to help her cross a flooded river while returning with the baarat. Due to the rise in the water level of the river, the groom did not allow his wife to get into the water for her safety and carried him on his shoulder.