Viral Video: Trust a Indian wedding to give you a hearty dose of humour and drama! Recently, dramatic scenes were witnessed in Rajasthan’s Ajmer as a horse (mare) ran away with the groom, creating quite a commotion ahead of the wedding. The incident happened in a village called Rampura when a wedding procession was going on and people were in celebratory mood. As the groom was waiting to enter the place, suddenly someone burst a cracker which startled the mare and the situation got out of control.Also Read - Groom Makes Grand Entry to Wedding Venue on a TRACTOR | Watch Viral Video

Hearing the noise of the firecrackers, the mare became agitated and ran away from the venue with the groom sitting on her back.

Watch the video here:

As the mare ran, the groom tried to get off but couldn’t. To save the groom from getting hurt, the procession followed him up to four kilometres with their cars and bikes. Thankfully, nothing happened to the groom and was taken back to the wedding safely.