Viral Video: Though the Covid-19 vaccination drive is in full force across India, some people are still hesitant or rather unaware of the importance of getting vaccinated.  Meanwhile, there are also some who are gripped with an needle phobia, and are extremely scared of taking the injection. One such dramatic video has gone viral on social media showing a woman screaming and shouting while taking the Covid vaccine.Also Read - Viral Video: Girlfriend Desperately Cries 'Babu, Babu' Outside Wedding Hall As Boyfriend Marries Another Woman | Watch

In this video, a woman dressed in an orange saree with a pallu on her head, is seen sitting at a vaccination Center. As as soon as the vaccine is administered, the colour of her face changes and she starts screaming loudly like a child as if she is in a lot of pain. Seeing her screaming like this, rest of the people getting the vaccine also get nervous.

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The video has gone viral, and many people made fun of the woman for screaming and getting scared like a kid. Many wondered how come the woman felt such sharp pain, while others said that she was just overacting.

One user said, ”And she has her ear and nose pierced!” while another commented, ”Kabhi itna dard nahi jhela madam.”

However, fear of needles and injections is a legitimate fear and many people across the world suffer from it. Known as trypanophobia, it is an extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or needles.

A similar video had gone viral a few days back, which showed a petrified woman sitting on a chair at a Vaccination Center, while two people, probably her family members, hold her to calm her down. As the nurse approaches her to administer the vaccine, her cries grow louder and she shrieks like a child.